Collected Collage Works | Isla Craig | August 5 - 31

Collected Collage Works | Isla Craig | August 5 - 31

Isla Craig, Collected Collage Works
August 5 - 31

"The dream discovers the image of the feeling, exposing the feeling for what it is. So, one may read the feeling through the image as well as the image through the feeling".

-Patricia Berry, An Approach to the Dream

Collage is a practice I have maintained across the landscape of my creative life, as a musician and more recently through my work as a psychodynamic psychotherapist. It is a place I turn to formulate intuitive response, from the more experiential edges of being with; paper, colour, self and other. Each college seeks to explore transcendental, transpersonal, and transformative ways of perceiving and representing inner life, nature and the sensual world; to make visible the vicissitudes of the image.



Isla Craig is a collage artist and musician, living and working in Toronto, ON. With pointed attention towards vocal delivery and melodic play, her music is underpinned by languid rhythms and arrangements that tumble into trance states. This description could equally apply to her collage practice, which seeks to engage the viewer through the evocative play of rhythm, colour and shape.


In addition to her work as a solo artist, she is an active collaborator in the Toronto music scene (Jennifer Castle, IC/JC/VC, the Cosmic Range). Past projects include the Deeep (Not Not Fun), and recording projects with Fucked Up, Lido Pimienta and Owen Pallett. In the fall of 2022, she collaborated with visual artist Emily Pelstring on The Passion of the Hedge Rider (Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery); a kaleidoscopic stained glass installation, providing vocals inspired by sacred, monophonic vocal music. Her latest solo album, Echo’s Reach was released on Idee Fixe Records in November of 2022.
instagram: @islacraigmusic