Essential Oil Candle - Various

Essential Oil Candle - Various

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Notes of guaiac wood, vetiver, cedarwood, peppermint, and hints of warm vanilla and smoke. 

La Forêt Dormante: 

Featured Notes: Fir balsam absolute, juniper berry, silver fir needles, cedarwood, frankincense, and cardamom. 

Aspects: woodsy, forest, incense, balsamic

Aurore Boréale:

Featured Notes: pink grapefruit, ylang ylang, jasmine, orange blossom, frankincense, and cardamom.

Aspects: floral, citrus, incense, balsamic, ethereal 

Feu Sacré - Sacred Fire Candle 

An all-natural soy wax candle with a wooden wick that produces an audible crackling sound of a roaring fire. Generously scented using only essential oils with notes of holy basil, white sage, spearmint, frankincense, opoponax resin, silver fir, Eaglewood, benzoin, and birch. Reminiscent of a ritual bonfire with a warm woodsy, herbal, and slightly smoky fragrance. It is an ode to fire and light bringing warmth to chilly autumn nights. Presented in a 250ml/8 oz black amethyst glass jar with lid. This sacred aura will burn for 50+ hours. 


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Made with pure essential oils, natural isolates, floral waxes, soy wax, and a toxic-free cotton wick. 50+ hrs. 

Comes in a beautiful black amethyst glass jar with lid.

8oz / 250g