Healing the Child Within using Tarot with Tessa Giberson | April 17th, 6-8pm

Healing the Child Within using Tarot with Tessa Giberson | April 17th, 6-8pm

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Healing the Child Within using Tarot

April 17th, 6-8pm

We all carry unresolved wounds, secrets, and pain from our childhood. Whether it was a friend moving away, caregivers who believed children should be “seen and not heard,” complex trauma, or needs that went unmet, as adults we can access our inner child to re-parent ourselves and heal. The tarot, when used a tool for self-reflection, can be a profound partner in the process of working with our inner child. 


Healing the Child Within is a 2hr workshop on using the tarot for inner child work, guided by folk tarot reader and PTSD survivor Tessa Giberson.  Together we’ll use the tarot to reflect on and release past painful experiences, feel our emotions in real time, communicate with our inner child, heal intergenerational and parental wounds, and extend compassion towards ourselves.


Workbooks will be provided. Please bring a tarot or oracle deck, writing utensil, and something to place on our collective healing altar.  Some ideas for altar objects could be - but aren’t limited to - a photo of you as a child, a childhood memento, or a plant or stone ally. 


Prior experience with tarot may be helpful but not required for participation. This is not a theory-based workshop and we won’t be covering any tarot card theory.


A soft note:  This workshop may feel therapeutic, but is not intended as a substitute for therapy and the facilitator is not a therapist. Tess does not claim or intend to fix, treat, or diagnose trauma or any health condition. Inner child work can be triggering, so please honour your self and your boundaries when registering.  Together we will create a gentle container for inner child work, however you are welcome to bring whatever grounding tools/skills to support yourself during this work.  


Tools Needed: tarot or oracle deck, writing utensil, item(s) for the collective altar

Tools Provided: workbooks, spell candles (7 day candles), fabric for altar, letter writing paper + envelopes, rose quartz


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As always, Likely provides sliding scale payment options to create accessibility - please choose what you can honestly afford. We are not a scent-free space. There is an accessibility ramp to enter the space but our washrooms are downstairs.