Trauma Informed Polyamory with Clementine Morrigan | May 5, 5-7pm

Trauma Informed Polyamory with Clementine Morrigan | May 5, 5-7pm

Regular price $30

This workshop explores the ways in which our trauma histories can impact our ability to feel safe and secure in our polyamorous relationships. Going beyond jealousy as a framework, this workshop focuses on the importance of building safety and security, both internally and interpersonally. Polyamory can be an amazing opportunity to work on relationship skills, develop secure attachments, and deepen both our knowledge of and our ability to communicate about our desires, boundaries, and needs. Approaching polyamory from a trauma informed perspective has the potential to enrich both our polyamorous relationships and our trauma recovery.

Clementine is the author of three books and rebel scholar. They provide trauma informed, queer and trans-affirming services for individuals and events. 


- Likely General is not a scent-free space

- Likely General is located on the main floor with an accessibility ramp upon entry

- Our washrooms are located down a flight of stairs. In order to offer safe and comfortable washroom accessibility, we will have access to our neighbours main floor washroom from 5-6pm. 

- Sliding scale prices are available if one cannot meet the $30 price-point. Please email Likely General :)