Allegro half x mystic / issue i

Allegro half x mystic / issue i

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Half Mystic is an independent literary journal dedicated to the celebration of music in all its forms. We adore creators with études nestled between their ribs and sonatas shivering beneath their spines, and we believe there is music nestled in every cranny of the universe, only as intimate as it is limitless. Music grounded in reality, shrouded in enchantment, born from stardust, bathed in sunlight, magical or mundane – Half Mystic is a haven for all of it. A shattered epiphany of afterthought. A finite, timeless paradox.

Half Mystic was established by writer and musician Topaz Winters in July of 2015 and is published semi-annually. In between, we write a blog on the softly glowing essence of magic in music and the arts. Our readers and submitters have been published in Best of the Net, Best American Poetry, The Paris Review, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times, and are Pushcart Prize, MTV Video Music Awards, and Grammy nominees. Our community is a rich, diverse, international one based around the mutual love of music – and also, literature, visual art, and the transcendent, resonant, infinite ways in which they intertwine with melody.

One man dance parties. Yellowed sheet music. Half-empty jars of rosin. We believe in all of it, no matter how harmonious or dissonant. We want your blistering pain and your aching softness, the heartbeat of humanity set to a 4/4 time signature. We publish the work that unravels the cadence of enchantment and shows us the mysticism in things. And whether it is through reading our issues, commenting on our blog, or submitting your work to our journal – we would love for you to join us. There is no one else we’d rather have here.

So give us this: your aubades and your serenades. Your cacophonous harmonies. The songs that echo in the crannies of your being. Chisel your tears into treble clefs; tiptoe up ledger lines and reach higher still; give us your crescendoing whispers.

We want to hear your symphony.