A week of renewal - Week of May 29th

If we are to follow the energies of the Moon this week, we’ll see that it moves through signs of Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra in the days ahead, touching each of the four elements – water, fire, earth, and air.

We are in the final weeks of spring and there is a signature to this week that feels bountiful. Through the Moon, which is still young in its current lunar cycle, we can drink, warm, ground, and centre ourselves.

Embrace the word possibility, even if things don’t feel quite so expansive. Trust that everything is always changing, always moving in a new direction.

Magic often happens behind the scenes. The universe has a way of working things out without us knowing and then suddenly, knots become untangled. Messes don’t seem so overwhelming. We see a small glimmer in the darkness, lighting up the slimmest way forward.

There is also something about this week that seems to say, “Take your time.” Enjoy the moment you’re in right now.

Take the time to know who you are right now. Because who you are now may not be a person you can return to in the future. You will change. Appreciate all that you are at this time. Be thankful for what you still have to learn.

Breathe in the endless possibilities that wait ahead of you.

Jupiter, the planet of luck and fortune, has been retrograde since February 6.

Jupiter is known as the opener of the way. It’s where we find our opportunities. It hasn’t been quite so powerful for much of this year. For some of us, progress might have felt a bit slow in 2017 so far.

Next week, on Friday, June 9, Jupiter stations direct. A new horizon is just around the corner. Things can start to feel a lot busier soon.

Think of this week as a time to restore your energy. Fill your pockets with dreams and wishes so that you can whisper them to Jupiter as the months unfold.

Let the Moon feed you and nourish you this week. If you can, take a walk in the evening and soak up some of its rays. Let yourself be inspired. Let yourself be present and accept all that you are at this time.  

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Connecting with the New Moon in Gemini - Week of May 22nd

Do you need some fresh inspiration?

This week’s New Moon in Gemini can help. The final New Moon of spring arrives this Thursday, May 25.

A New Moon is an ideal time to start a new project, make an important decision, set a new intention, or embrace some kind of fresh start.

In Gemini, this New Moon can help us connect to themes of creativity – especially writing, acting, or other mediums that rely on words and voice – friendship, partnership, communication, learning, and ideas.

Imagine yourself an open channel this Thursday. Imagine yourself picking up a golden thread as you go about your day. Imagine that it’s a thread the universe has left in your path. You’re meant to follow it, even if you’re not sure what it leads yet, or even what it means.

What do you need to bring forward right now?

Maybe it’s a beautiful piece of writing. Maybe it’s a deep conversation with an old friend. Maybe it’s your capacity to connect with others, to be a guide for someone else through meaningful, honest dialogue.

Gemini encourages connection. It is the symbol of the twins. Here, we can see this new lunar cycle as a time to reach out, to be together, to build community.

We can also see this as a time to connect to ourselves.

What kind of inner dialogue are you engaged with? What stories arise from within? What are you reflecting back to yourself?

Those are the depths to mine in the days ahead. Those are the questions that can help open those creative channels and lead to those golden threads that point the way to new concepts, ideas, and expression.

Gemini is an air sign. Air can move quickly. Think of the wind and how swiftly it blows. Air scatters seeds, which grow if they land in the right places. Otherwise, those seeds simply skim the surface, but remain rootless.

Decide not to skim the surface right now. Let an idea take root. Connect with the place you want to land in.

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Welcoming Mercury in Taurus and the Sun in Gemini - Week of May 15th

Mercury moves into the stabilizing sign of Taurus on Tuesday, May 16. Mercury connects to our thoughts, our ideas. It is what we write, what we speak.

And with the Sun moving into Gemini this Saturday, May 20, the days to come are ones that can bring serious focus and mental agility to plans and progress.

Great ideas abound when the Sun is in Gemini. New connections can be made and existing bonds can be strengthened. The spring season is in its final stretch and Gemini is here to help keep things moving.

Gemini loves to learn. It’s a highly social sign that sees value in conversing with others, in seeking out information and absorbing new lessons.

If you’ve been meaning to take a class, dive into a new book, or perhaps write one of your own, you could find the impetus to make it happen thanks to Gemini’s influence.

But the Sun in Gemini and Taurus in Mercury can also be supportive in helping you live your truth.

What matters most to you right now?

That’s a question you might want to take with you this week. Look at where your time goes throughout the day. Does it go towards what you cherish? Or does your attention get pulled elsewhere, over and over again?

Pay attention to where things feel precarious, or where you grasp for control. Those uncertainties are arrows pointing the way towards the progress you can make now.

Be decisive. Be ready to commit. Gemini has a reputation for being ambiguous, but that is only one aspect of its energy. It can also be crystal-clear, direct, and fast-thinking.

Do you have an idea you need to put into motion?

Are you communicating the way you need to? Or are you holding back, biting your tongue, and possibly creating more confusion in the process?

Are you focusing on your priorities, or are you sending mixed messages to yourself, and to the universe?

Be clear. Stand firm in what you know is true for you.

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Connecting with this week’s Scorpio Full Moon - Week of May 8th

The Full Moon in Scorpio arrives this Wednesday, May 10. Full Moons can often be intense. In a sign like Scorpio, this one can be even more so. Scorpio connects to themes of death, rebirth, power, and sexuality. It is ruled by Pluto, which breaks things down in order to make way for transformation.

Scorpio has an underworld energy; it connects to secrets and shadows. It comes from the behind the veils of the spirit realm to deliver unexpected insights about who we are and what we must face.

Under the influence of a Scorpio Full Moon, we can have realizations that seem to come out of nowhere, but once they’re in front of us, we might wonder how we missed them in the first place. Of course, there can also be a tendency to push away the tough stuff. To bury it, ignore it, avoid it. Well, Scorpio might have other plans. A Full Moon illuminates, and Scorpio lingers in the dark. It can drag things out into the light of day to reflect them back, saying, “See? You can’t hide from this any longer.”

A Scorpio Full Moon can push us to make necessary changes. Things can end this week. Circles can be brought to a close.

If you are harbouring any pain, if you are holding on to what once was, this week is a powerful time to perform a small ritual for yourself to let it go.

Offer it back to the Scorpio Full Moon. Set an intention to create more space for something new, something different.

Remember that we are deep into the beauty of spring, when growth and change abound. There is still time to cultivate a new reality, a new dream, a new outlook.

Scorpio is typically represented by the symbol of the scorpion, but it also embodies the phoenix, a mythical creature that always rises again.

What are you ready to rise up from?

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A Beltane blessing - Week of May 1st

Welcome! My name is Liz Worth, and I’m the tarot reader at Likely General. Every week, I’ll be in this space sharing some insights about the themes and energies for the week ahead.

Today is Beltane, the halfway point between the spring equinox and summer solstice. Beltane represents growth, abundance, and fertility. We are deep into the spring season now. Energetically, this is a time of potential and possibility. Intentions, ideas, and changes that might have first come to the surface for you around the time of the spring equinox might now be taking shape.

And if you are still waiting for something to take root, Beltane is a beautiful, potent time to plant some seeds of intention.

We just had a New Moon in Taurus on Wednesday, April 26, which means we are still in the early days of a new lunar cycle. Every New Moon gives us an opportunity for change, or a fresh start. In the earthy sign of Taurus, this lunar energy can highlight themes of stability, career, comfort, sensuality, luxury, and practicality.

Some of those might sound contradictory, but isn’t that what life is all about? Our needs change over time. Our wants and desires do, too.

And themes of what we need and what we deserve can certainly run high in the weeks to come. On Friday, April 28, Venus – the planet of love – moved into Aries, the sign of the warrior.

This is the second time Venus has visited Aries this year. She was there throughout February and into early April, until her retrograde sent her back into soft, dreamy Pisces. Now that Venus is direct again, she’ll be moving through Aries until June 6.

Venus in Aries can be a challenging, but dynamic, placement. Together, these energies can push us to clarify and assert our strengths, needs, and boundaries. Self-expression and self-esteem can be areas in our lives that go under construction during this time, with the intention of being stronger on the other side.

It’s a time to be real. State your needs. Know yourself, and honour it.

Yes, the path to getting there might be muddy, or confusing right now. That’s okay. Walk it anyway.

Mercury retrograde is still influencing us as well. While the word retrograde tends to make people a bit nervous, these periods are actually here to help us slow down and reassess where things are at. It’s a time to correct course if need be, or take a necessary break, which isn’t always easy.

Mercury retrograde can make us feel like we are swimming upstream sometimes. If you’ve been fighting to make something work, take heart: Mercury goes direct this Wednesday, May 3. Things will become clearer. Trust in the timing of the universe. Pull back and let things flow as they want to.

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Some info from Liz:

What can you get out of a tarot reading? 

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Why should you get a tarot reading? 

    • Because you want to learn more about your life path, or are feeling called to make a significant change of direction;
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    • Because you need some clarity to work through a block or obstacle that’s keeping you from where you want to be.

If you’ve read this far, there’s a reason that you’ve stayed, and a reason that you came to this page in the first place.

“There are many Tarot Card readers out there, but Liz is a natural-born oracle.”
– Marisa Iacobucci, writer, editor, blogger, and mompreneur

How does tarot work? 

The power of tarot is real, but you are part of its magic. Everyone can benefit from a tarot reading – even skeptics – if you are ready to enter into this experience with an open mind. Listening carefully to the messages that come through for you and being willing to put them into action once your reading is over is how tarot transforms for, and it’s where a reading goes from seeing the future to seizing it.

In terms of the mechanics of tarot, well, there is some mystery to it. A lot of people ask, “How do you know that just by looking at a few cards?” Since I started working with tarot in 2008, I’ve read for hundreds of people. I’ve committed to tarot as a personal, spiritual practice.

I know the cards in and out, but to be honest, there’s always an element of magic that makes a reading special, and that magic comes from the connection between me and my clients. There is something intangible about this.

When you get a reading, you’re accessing information from a higher place. That’s why this process requires an open heart and a willingness to dive in. No matter what, my goal is for you to leave our session feeling clear and inspired about who you are and where you’re headed.

Tarot works. I can’t always explain how – it still surprises me to this day – but this is the real deal.