Week of August 7: Eclipse season begins

Oh, what a month August is going to be.

If you are looking for change, this is the time to find it.

And if you aren’t? Well, keep your heart open anyway, because change might be calling you.

Eclipses come in pairs, two weeks apart, lunar and solar. They work as catalysts to initiate change, to initiate us into new chapters and realms.

The first is a lunar eclipse, which pairs up with a beautiful Full Moon in Aquarius on Monday, August 7.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of innovation and rebellion. With the Sun in fiery Leo at this time, there is extra pressure to define our paths right now.

No matter how much you want to be present in this moment, your future self is calling to you. It’s calling in the form of questions:

“What do I need to make space for?”

“What am I craving in my life right now?”

“What do I know I need, but don’t have at this time?”

It’s asking you to find the answers in order to breathe new possibilities to life.

Aquarius’ rebellious nature under the light of the Full Moon will illuminate the places you need from break away from.

The lunar eclipse will help you to see what aspects of yourself are ready to change. This is energy that directs you inward in order to see what skin needs to be shed, what aspects of yourself you no longer need to carry around.

Be gentle with yourself in the month ahead. The changes that begin to take root now might be slow and gradual for some, and sudden and surprising for others.

Whatever comes your way, trust that it is bringing you to something necessary. Growth often begins as resistance, but under Leo’s Sun, there is courage. Ask for it if needed.


Astrology for the week of August 14: Preparing for Mercury retrograde

Mercury stationed retrograde on Saturday, August 12, and will continue its backspin until Tuesday, September 5.

While much is made about Mercury retrograde, this is actually the universe’s way of giving you the chance to check in with yourself. Correct course. Get in better alignment with what you need. Take a break if you can.

The problem with Mercury retrograde is that slows things down, but many of us are caught up in a world where slow is not allowed. It’s all about hustle, baby, am I right?

So when Mercury retrograde throws a wrench in our plans, or creates delays at work, or makes us feel muddled, confused, or stuck, we push against it. Instead of tuning into what’s being presented to us, we fight against it.

If you were to follow your own flow in the weeks ahead, what might you do? If you could plan each day based purely on your own feelings and inclinations, what would you do differently? What would your schedule look like?

Pay attention to what wants to slow down in your life these days. Mercury rules our thoughts, communication, and ideas – it sends us messages that might come in the form of epiphanies, fears, or worries.

So listen to what’s keeping you up at night and look at whether it warrants greater care. Perhaps that nagging worry is something that you need to make some time and space for this month so that you can take control over the situation once and for all.

This Mercury retrograde begins in the sigh of Virgo. Virgo is an earth sign, which connects it to practical, tangible matters, including money, work, and the body. Virgo is meticulous but nurturing. It likes to put things right, and likes to see that everything is in place.

What is out of order for you? Don’t be surprised if the universe holds it right up in front of your face this month. This is your chance to set it right.

It may not be a big thing.

It may just be a message that reminds you to honour your downtime. It may just be the call to love your body in a different way. It may be time to re-evaluate a relationship that doesn’t nurture you the way you need it to. It may be time to create more peace for yourself by getting something organized or under control.

Whatever it is, find your flow, and let it ride out.

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If you’ve read this far, there’s a reason that you’ve stayed, and a reason that you came to this page in the first place.

“There are many Tarot Card readers out there, but Liz is a natural-born oracle.”
– Marisa Iacobucci, writer, editor, blogger, and mompreneur

How does tarot work? 

The power of tarot is real, but you are part of its magic. Everyone can benefit from a tarot reading – even skeptics – if you are ready to enter into this experience with an open mind. Listening carefully to the messages that come through for you and being willing to put them into action once your reading is over is how tarot transforms for, and it’s where a reading goes from seeing the future to seizing it.

In terms of the mechanics of tarot, well, there is some mystery to it. A lot of people ask, “How do you know that just by looking at a few cards?” Since I started working with tarot in 2008, I’ve read for hundreds of people. I’ve committed to tarot as a personal, spiritual practice.

I know the cards in and out, but to be honest, there’s always an element of magic that makes a reading special, and that magic comes from the connection between me and my clients. There is something intangible about this.

When you get a reading, you’re accessing information from a higher place. That’s why this process requires an open heart and a willingness to dive in. No matter what, my goal is for you to leave our session feeling clear and inspired about who you are and where you’re headed.

Tarot works. I can’t always explain how – it still surprises me to this day – but this is the real deal.