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Worldly / Poetic / Sparkling

The desert and the train.. black and smoky, carrying you deep into silken lands;  a redolent fusion of honey and spice with an evocatively menacing trace of black tea. 

In 2013, I was invited by my old friend, Patch Adams.. (remember the movie starring Robin Williams?) to go to Jordan on a humanitarian clowning trip;  to bring a giggle, a smile and a whole lotta love to the Syrian refugees.  This one was inspired by my love for them and the people of Jordan.. Amman.  A piece of my heart will always be there. 

In the middle of the forehead, is the 6th chakra - visioning, meditative, all seeing - for me, Amman is this.

cinnamon bark, sandalwood, black pepper, vetiver, ylang ylang, vanilla absolute, carnation absolute.

Previously known as Parfum 6, reaching higher up the chakras now at the third eye, the visionary all seeing meditative chakra.

(a proprietary blend of genuinely distilled authentic essential oils in organic jojoba. Italian glass bottle with roll on applicator) You may see some 'settling' on the bottom of the bottle, not to worry...sometimes the heavier oils need a shake.  Nature is interactive!

All CCB oils are pesticide, herbicide free, wildcrafted, organic, vegan and consciously sourced.