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Musing / Verdant / Mythical

Vibrant, green bittersweet floral sitting on top of mown hay, with a crush of soil scraped from remembrance of the roots of an old oak.  

Previously known as Parfum 2.  Created with the  juicy, creative second chakra in mind, CCB's Paris is a hormone balancing act.  Its a wee spritely and citrusy, mildly sweet and just like that famous  Previously known as Parfum 2.  

bergamot, clary sage, rose geranium, tangerine, ylang ylang, 
rosewood, oakmoss

..a proprietary blend of genuinely distilled authentic essential oils in organic jojoba. Italian glass bottle with roll on applicator.

All CCB oils are pesticide, herbicide free, wildcrafted, organic, vegan and consciously sourced.

size:  9 ml