Energy Sex Fundamentals Workshop | November 17, 7-9:30

Energy Sex Fundamentals Workshop | November 17, 7-9:30

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Energy Sex Fundamentals Workshop


Katrina Marie is an international sexual empowerment coach who works with humans all over the world to awaken, unleash, and empower their sexual consciousness. 


Bo Large is an energy and conscious empowerment coach who guides clients into their most powerful and authentic alignment through shifting their relationships with life and energy from passive to active and masterful.


They have partnered together to bring you a life-enhancing workshop that will deeply bless the way you tune in and connect with your solo and partnered sexy times.


If you haven't heard of ‘Energy Sex’ before, this is the perfect event for you. This workshop will be especially useful if you consider yourself a sensitive person, mainstream “sexuality” hasn’t done it for you, and you know there is something more to sex for you. This workshop is also for you if you desire more pleasure, energy, conscious boundaries, and powerful embodiment.


Katrina and Bo will be teaching you the fundamentals of the subtle, yet powerful art of sacred energy exchange.



So what are the foundations of energy sex?

  1. Being able to move and feel the energy (life force) that is in your own body
  2. Being able to direct your energy for a purpose: expanded pleasure, healing, connection to the earth (ecosexuality), and/or simply feeling great in your body
  3. Once you know how to feel, circulate and direct your own energy, you will then learn how to interact and connect with other peoples energy. 


This workshop will teach you how to tune in, feel deeply your energy, and learn energetic practices that can be used solo or in connection with another.


Who is welcome in this space?:

All genders, all beings, all creatures with good intent!



• Knowing how to feel energy moving in your body

• Tools to tune in, activate, and circulate your own energy

• Walking away with exciting and powerful practices you can use to circulate energy both during solo and partnered practices

• Having learned the ancient practice of ‘the microcosmic orbit’. This will be both taught and each participant will be able to practice this with themselves at the workshop 

• Knowing clearly how to tune into your body and communicate empowered boundaries moment to moment

• Tools to shift and/or disconnect from a situation without shutting down your energy i.e. and 'going offline'

• Practice knowing what being powerfully open looks and feels like to you (and how to invite someone into that space)

• Having gained the tool of the Body Compass. A powerful alignment tool that invites you to tune into your brain, heart, and life force centre. 



Questions you might have:



 Are we having sex there? Are we getting naked? What’s happening?


The workshop is done fully clothed. We will be talking about sex, energy, boundaries, and connection. There will be opportunities to share your energy with other people and to practice boundaries and consent. You are already doing this subconsciously with all beings you ever interact with, on the streetcar, in the grocery store. We will bring these interactions to your conscious awareness. It will look nothing like “sex”. 



 What should I wear to this amazing event?


 Something that you feel comfy sitting, standing and moving around in!



 Do I need to bring anything?

A. If you learn by writing, bring a notebook and pen! There is going to be lots of juicy knowledge taught by Bo and Katrina.




 Can I come with my partner? Or can I come alone?


 Partners and individuals are both totally welcome at the workshop. We will first learn to solo practices and there will be a space to do energy movement practices with another if desired. All practices can be done solo or partnered.



 I can’t make it but think this sounds amazing and want to learn more??


 Both Katrina Marie and Bo Large both work one-on-one with clients and facilitate amazing events in the GTA. Follow along both of their Instagrams and send them a DM to stay up to date and/or to inquire about their one-on-one work: @thealshemist




 This sounds sort of brave and vulnerable? What can you tell me to help me feel empowered and calm arriving in this space?


First of all, we are going to acknowledge that showing up at this workshop is brave and badass and we deeply honour that.


Much of what has lead us to feel unsafe relationally, socially and sexually is because a lack of education and awareness around the topics we will be sharing in this very workshop. 


This is a space where you get to practice feeling safe, and to learn how to cultivate that for yourself wherever you go. We will be empowering you to tune in to your emotional and energetic needs (ex more space, more communication, less eye contact, space alone, etc) moment to moment and how to negotiate that without shutting down.


The workshop will start with us sharing clear and loving intentions for the night. Attendees are always encouraged to participate and/or not participate in any aspect of the workshop as they feel empowered to. This is a space of teaching, practicing energy movement, learning empowered boundaries, body awareness, and communication.


We are so excited to be sharing this work. See you there!

Bo & Katrina