Glow Tincture

Glow Tincture

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Glow Tincture

50ml | 1.7 Oz

Ingredients: Schisandra Berry, Red Clover Blossom, Nettle Leaf, Alcohol.

Blood Purifying, Liver Cleansing and great for the Kidneys. All aspects of what keeps our biggest organ(skin) clean, clear and radiant. This formula is one of my favourites.

Schisandra Berry

Nettle Leaf

Red Clover Blossom


A blend to help us glow from the inside out. Strengthens the hair and nails, clears the skin, and promotes overall beauty. So many people were coming up to my booth last year asking for a skin remedy or balm. Skin is a major issue in our culture (for many reasons). But I believe healthy skin begins on the inside with the right diet, powerful herbs, lots of water, exercise and sleep. I have noticed a MAJOR difference in my skin as this is one of my favourite  tincures to take. 

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