Healing Through Writing: A Mindfulness Workshop with Allison of September Projects | September 10, 6-8

Healing Through Writing: A Mindfulness Workshop with Allison of September Projects | September 10, 6-8

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Healing through Writing: A mindfulness-based writing workshop focused on learning and experiencing how to use writing as a tool for inner work and personal healing.

Sunday, September 10th, 6-8pm | Space is limited to 6 participants

Maya Angelou said “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story within”. This is true of every person, no matter their age, gender, vocation or stage in life’s journey, especially when it comes to telling our own stories and personal truths. Writing is often misconstrued as being something reserved for the elite few. Rather, it is the divine right of everyone who has a calling or yearning towards writing as a means of self-expression and self-discovery to discover the writer within. Each and everyone of us has an important story to tell— and there is no one way to tell it!

In this workshop you will:

- Gain a fundamental understanding of why writing is a proven tool for conducting personal healing and how learning to make personal expressive writing a part of your ongoing routine for just 20 minutes at a time can increase your overall physical, mental and emotional health.

- Discover and meet your true inner voice—perhaps a voice you’ve not yet even encountered—and learn to recognize, honour and listen to that voice as it speaks to you and through you onto the page.

- Participate in writing exercises in a small group setting with like-minded souls on topics that are universal to the human experience in order to access areas in need of healing. You will be invited to share your writing and your voice as part of completing the healing process in a space that is sacred, private and contained within our writing circle.

What you will need:

- A notebook of any sort. Any old spiral notebook will do! As well as your writing tool of
choice—pen, pencil, feather quill…Whatever floats your boat.
- An open heart, and a willingness to delve within.

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