Holy Smokes

Holy Smokes

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HOLY.SMOKES are hand-crafted smokes made from organic dried herbs, created by a herbalist in California. They are intended to be savored in the mouth, not inhaled into the lungs. Each blend consists of a combination of dried organic herbs that together create a unique flavor and experience.



INCAYUYO Lippia integrifolia + translated as ‘herb of the Inca,’ this plant was traditionally inhaled to aid lung ailments 

PINK ROSE Rosa damascena + this sweet blossom alleviates constriction in the chest & throat, adding a gentle sweetness to this blend

GERMAN CHAMOMILE Matricaria chamomilla + traditionally used to calm the nerves & digestion, this well-known plant gives a nice mouthfeel to this blend

LINDEN FLOWER Tilia cordata + mildly sedating, this flower contributes to this blend’s smooth nature



DAMIANA Turnera diffusa + traditionally known for its aphrodisiacal qualities, this herb stimulates blood flow, enhancing body sensations

CATNIP Nepeta cataria + this mint family member is notorious for driving cats wild, yet is calming for humans, aiding restful sleep

MUGWORT Artemisia douglasiana + used for centuries for its warming, stimulating qualities…when smoked, the goddess of the wild, Artemis, is invoked & dreams are as vibrant as ever



:: made with organically grown herbs:

     + yerba santa
     + mullein leaf & flower
     + peppermint

The herbal equivalent to the “menthol” cigarette, this blend cools the throat like a mountain breeze, while balanced by the grounding, earthy tones of mullein & yerba santa. Pronounced 'moan-TAHN-ya,' MONTAÑA translates to “mountain” and is inspired by the scents & colors of our local rolling hills.



these statements are for educational purposes only + have not been evaluated by the Food + Drug Administration. this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

how to smoke a HOLY SMOKE:

            + place the filter end on your lips
            + light the end of the smoke
            + draw the smoke into your mouth and savor it*
            + release smoke out of the mouth
            + contemplate the moment
            + repeat, or share with a friend

      *do not inhale the smoke into your lungs.

      Holy Smokes