Saturday Tarot Readings with Nyssa

Saturday Tarot Readings with Nyssa

Tarot can provide one with greater clarity, a better understanding of self and self-action, and answers to big changes and decisions within your life. Tarot is not a fortune telling device but rather an opportunity to guide and focus in on what matters.  Come to tarot with an open heart and mind and you will receive beautiful gifts of discovery and focus. 

Since 2014 we've had the pleasure and privilege of hosting multiple renowned and celebrated tarot readers for residences and visits within our shop. Each reader has worked with us for at least one year to offer accessible readings to our community every Sunday.

Resident Readers

2019 - 2020, Aerin Fogel 

2019, Diana Piruzevska

2016 -2018, Liz Worth 

2015, Mary Grisey 

2014, Gillian Witter 

2013, Aimee Dawn


Weekend Residency Guest Readers:

2015, Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

2019, Laura Dawe


We welcome the magic of Nyssa into our calm and welcoming environment. 

A practising witch and musician living in Toronto, Nyssa uses Tarot as a means of reconnecting with the magick she believes to be innate in all beings.

$35 for a 20 min reading with the ability to go deep into one question. Y
ou will have the opportunity to ask one question per reading - please come with an intention in mind.

Spots are limited. Readings are non-refundable. Readings ARE transferable however, so you make transfer your spot to a friend if you cannot make it but we will not be able to fill the spot for you or be offering refunds. We cannot change time-slots as well so again, please be confident that you can arrive on time at your selected time. If you arrive late, this will eat into your appointment time. Times are firmly 20 minutes long and begin on the half hour.

Readings will be masked, at a distance in our gallery space, and offered in a safe environment. We will not be using our screen for privacy during covid to allow air flow but we do have a noise machine that keeps conversation more private within our space.