Sunday Iridology Readings with Britany

Sunday Iridology Readings with Britany

Iridology is a noninvasive form of analysis that can help tell us more about someone’s genetic strengths as well as areas of potential deficiencies.

Iridology is the study and analysis of the iris (the coloured part of the eye), something that is unique to each individual person. Britany is trained to study the colour, pigmentation, and structure of the eye as it relates genetically through reflective responses to the body’s systems and organs. This helps us assess which areas of the body one shows strengths, as well as inherited defences. It is an excellent tool for proactive health care practices. Though the validity of iridology as a diagnostic tool is not supported by scientific evaluations, it can guide us towards a foundation for seeking additional support.

About Britany Lee:

I studied the practice of Iridology while on my own personal healing journey. After years of unanswered questions and being frustrated, I sought alternative healing modalities that focused on the idea of holistic health. Iridology to me is about choosing proactive over reactive healthcare. I love sharing my knowledge in hopes that it will benefit the well-being of others. I wish to empower others to take control of their health and approach their well-being holistically if they can; recognizing that the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies all work together cohesively, and that they are to separate from one another. True health is multifaceted and includes all aspects of ones well-being.



$50 for a 45 min reading. Readings provide a lot of information so we encourage you to record them with your phone or a recording device.

Spots are limited. Readings are non-refundable. Readings ARE transferable however, so you make transfer your spot to a friend if you cannot make it but we will not be able to fill the spot for you or be offering refunds. We cannot change time-slots as well so again, please be confident that you can arrive on time at your selected time. If you arrive late, this will eat into your appointment time. Times are firmly 45 minutes.

Readings will be masked, at a distance in our gallery space, and offered on our couch. We will not be using our screen for privacy during covid to allow air flow but we do have a noise machine that keeps conversation more private within our space.