Children of a Midnight Spring | Olivia Di Gregorio

Children of a Midnight Spring | Olivia Di Gregorio

Children of a Midnight Spring

An Exhibition of oil paintings by Olivia Di Gregorio

Nov 5-30 in the Likely General Gallery - 389 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto

Having always been reflections of my journal writings, my oil paintings
tell people with more sincerity than I could ever manage otherwise,
about what I care for in that moment’s depiction.  They explain my
dreams in a language inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites, with my latest
subjects focusing on tragic, missing identities, and survivalism in
realms of individual solitudes. I look to mythological creatures like
fairies, changelings, and elements of magic to allow for my work to
quietly communicate secrets, adding complexity to landscapes of a dream
world. My work is a visual escape, as well as a means of understanding
experiences and what they mean to us.

Artist Bio:

Olivia Di Gregorio is an internationally exhibited and published painter
based in Toronto, featuring mythical figures in dream-like landscapes
throughout her work. Her images look to mythology for inspiration, with
fairies and elements of magic to explain a healing shift from one state
into another as a form of visual escapism.
Di Gregorio graduated from OCAD University in 2019 with a Bachelor of
Design in Illustration, and a minor in Drawing & Painting. She has
recently been selected as a finalist in the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine
Art Prize in the traditional art category, exhibited at Modern Eden in
San Francisco using a grant awarded from the Ontario Arts Council, and
published in Booooooom’s ‘Tomorrow’s Talent Vol. II’ curated art book.