Energetic Intersections | India Amara Nicholls | March 2 - 30

Energetic Intersections | India Amara Nicholls | March 2 - 30

Energetic Intersections
Gouache paintings, prints and a sound experience from India Amara Nicholls
Accompanied by a floral installations by Mimosa of Strange Love Flowers

March 2 - 30th in the Likely General Gallery



This is my human exploration of what home is—

what  ॐ  is
what I am learning and where I am going
who I am and what I have to offer

in my body,
in my spiritual practice,
in relationship
in the place in which I dwell,
in the lands I call home
in who I am becoming

how I fit into the infinite
constellation of connection

It is a celebration
a culmination
a burst of fire works
the gift of roots
the mighty force of change

it is both acceptance and care-full life curation
it is LOVE = it is GRIEF

Inspired by spaciousness
and the feeling of being compressed
like the pressure of a diamond
and the weightlessness of space

Inspired by lands that feel like family
hushed and humbled by Nature Herself
it is an homage
to the marvellous offering
that LIFE is

I have learned about frequency (mantra) in a way that has transformed my lived experience. The veil has been made translucent so that I can see silent sound.
Mantra helps me find balance, it empowers me to show up, it nourishes me on a cellular level.

Energetic Intersections is an expression of where many aspects of my living experience meet and ultimately intersect becoming one, becoming  ॐ . Becoming; home.

 -India Amara Nicholls