Sacred Bouquet | Char Da Silva

Sacred Bouquet | Char Da Silva

Sacred Bouquet
paintings by Char Da Silva

September 3rd - 28th

Likely General Gallery - 389 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto
Monday - Saturday 12-6pm, Sunday 12-5pm


Weeds are the vines of life ~ their lessons are rooted deeply.

Sacred Bouquet is a series that honours Mother Natures plant medicines and all their restorative qualities. Char Da Silva works closely with shamanic sound healing and a number of plant medicines. Each modality infuses into the manifold dimension of space and time.

All paintings are inspired by dreams, meditation, spirit guides and divine intentions.

The colour palette is curated by the principles of the psychic-energy meridians of the body (the 7 Chakras), allowing the viewer to align and balance from ROOT to CROWN.

Da Silva’s paintings have been blessed, sung to, and cleansed. A holistic exchange from within and without. Her intention is that the viewers' participation will be a transcendent one. An experience that will carry on with each soul benevolently.