• Alien Latch Hook Kit
  • Alien Latch Hook Kit
  • Alien Latch Hook Kit
  • Alien Latch Hook Kit

Bobcat and Birdie

Alien Latch Hook Kit


Alien Latch Hook Kit - Bring Your Own Yarn Latch Hook Kit

Make this design look any way you want! The latch hook pattern is designed for 40 x 40 grids and the finished piece measures 10 inches by 10 inches.

Kit Includes:
- 40x40 rug canvas
- printed pattern (2-3 color options)
- reusable yarn cutting guide (instructions included)
- "how to latch hook" zine
- latch hook tool

(yarn not included in kit - its BYOY)

About Bobcat and Birdie:

Birdie is a self-taught fiber artist from South Texas. Decades of crafting kept bringing her back to craft stores and the latch hook kits that graced their shelves. This continuous interest eventually turned into a deep love of DIY latch hooking. A couple of years into creating her own patterns, and realizing the patterns at the craft store hadn’t really changed over twenty years, BYOY (Bring Your Own Yarn) Latch Hook kits were born. Birdie enjoys all types of fiber arts, playing video games, dancing, and watching movies with her husband Bob and pup, Ramona Yala.

!!Patterns are intended for personal use only!!
By purchasing a kit and/or pattern(s) from Birdie you're agreeing to a few things:
1. You clearly have amazing taste.
2. You will have as much fun as possible.
3. You have made me an ultimate promise to never (EVER) make money off their design/pattern.