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Hallows Perfume


Welcoming the new and unique scents of Hallows perfume line into the shop. Handmade with intention in Toronto, the first two releases of Hallows scent come to us in the sharp and celestial notes of ODD FLOWER and BLACK CURRENT. These scents are made for all genders.

Available in 15ml Atomizers



An atmosphere of the Liminal; A scent that carries the in-between. Winters dirge meets the conscious bloom of a gracefully heady Spring. Summer is somewhere hidden beneath the hallows; It shows itself only to the few that get close enough to taste skin.

Base: Diffusive, spicy, musk-like with a strong floral reinforcement. Powdery, velvet nuance. Long lasting. Aromatic, apple, earthy, woody, red fruit, pine.

Heart: Very powerful fruity floral note. A complex wash of rose, plum, blackcurrant, honey wine and tobacco.

Top: Unusual combination of rose with musk, pear, and violet modifications. Also discernible are fruity and geranium aspects.


Previously, a room peppered with warm familiar bodies; soft sounds escape speakers through each muffled conversation. Eye contact precedes itself. Now void of the familiar, you are left with the understanding that still, you will never be fully alone. The breath you take tastes like a dissonant dew. You acquiesce to the oddity of desire.

Base: Musk, Wood, Floral, Ambergris. 
Smooth, Clean; the touch of velvet

Heart: Tobacco, Orris and violet, Narcissus, Jasmine, Tuberose, Daffodil

Top: Citrus, Fruity, Bergamot