• Haudenosaunee/ Anishinaabe flower print

Lindsey Lickers

Haudenosaunee/ Anishinaabe flower print


9.5" x 18"print from an original painting by Lindsey Lickers

"My work is rooted in the traditional style of the Woodlands movement, but takes on a contemporary dialogue through my use of aerosol, acrylic, and medium transfers. I create similar traditional themes and experiences, however I generate my work through a new generational lens.

The utilization of aerosol has been developed, and reworked to visually interpret cosmos, space; the place in which all our creation stories begin, in sky world where our creator rests. Stipple work has been integrated into my paintings and developed from my exploration of kinetic energy, orbs, and quantum theory (the only science that comes close to the Indigenous worldview and the explanation of spirit). I aim to create multi-dimensional pieces, using layering techniques and flowing line work that mimic the multi-faceted and circular beliefs of life that lay at the core of Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe traditions.

For me, creating is a visual manifestation of messages from my ancestors, helpers and more broadly the essence that is creation. It is a release of energy from my spirit, then interpreted and actualized by the body, released into the world, eventually coming back as new learnings, renewed energy."

Niawen’kó:wa ~ Gitchi Miigwetch ~ Thank You