• Block It Up Sunscreen - 4 oz or 2 oz
  • Block It Up Sunscreen - 4 oz or 2 oz


Block It Up Sunscreen - 4 oz or 2 oz

Creamy and smooth. Giving you both the moisture and protection you need... one rub at a time.

This beautifully soft and creamy sunscreen spreads like no other. Coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil all contain varying levels of SPF and loads of moisture for your skin. Did you know that shea butter is one of the best moisturizers on the earth? The addition of zinc creates a durable layer of protection with a perfect combination of hydration and protection, leaving no yucky white streaks behind.
Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
Non-Nano Zinc Oxide
Vitamin E Oil
Shea Butter

About RUB OF LUV from creator Jaz Fairy J:

"RUB OF LUV evolved out of my creative practice and journey as an artist. My art has always been healing for me and those around me. Developing this skincare line has been centred around how I can create natural, protective and healing products that are fabulous for the skin. Having had very sensitive skin my entire life, I understand the. relief and comfort you feel in finding the right skincare products; because let's be honest, skincare is never just about skincare. How a product feels and works on your skin can drastically affect how you feel in your spirit, your emotions and your energy."