• Lvnea Body Serum - Various
  • Lvnea Body Serum - Various
  • Lvnea Body Serum - Various
  • Lvnea Body Serum - Various


Lvnea Body Serum - Various


An aromatic body serum with rich, nourishing and moisturizing botanical oils. 

Comes in a beautiful amethyst black glass bottle with a black pump. 

100ml / 3.4oz bottle 


Choose from:

Black Pine/Cedarwood/Vanilla:

Featured Notes: black pine needle oil, pine tree resin, Himalayan cedarwood, and bourbon vanilla.

Ingredients: organic sunflower oil, almond oil, organic jojoba oil infused with wild harvested pine resin, an essential oil blend, and extracts of calendula, chamomile, rose, red clover, and elderflower.



Featured Notes: jasmine grandiflorum (royal jasmine), cardamom, and damiana leaf. 

Ingredients: organic apricot kernel oil infused with damiana leaf, rosehip seed oil, evening primrose oil, macadamia nut oil, calendula extract, essential oils of damiana, cardamom, and jasmine. 



Featured Notes: damask rose, mysore sandalwood, and an aged dark patchouli. 

Ingredients: organic sunflower oil and sweet almond oil - infused with damask rose buds. Golden jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil, argan oil, an essential oil blend, and extracts of arnica, calendula, and rose.