Kristina's August Picks

Kristina (she/her) has been in our sphere for many years. Loved by everyone, her friendly and giving nature shines. She's the scent & music queen at Likely - ask her all about smells and sounds (and stickers)!

Playlist/Music to work to:
I love to listen to Carla Dal Forno's playlists on NTS. She tends to play minimal synth, dream pop and ambient music. It makes me happy. Other faves (also NTS shows) right now are The Early Bird Show with Maria Somerville and Minimal Wave with Veronica Vasicka. 

Community Organizations to Support:
Toronto Indigenous Harm Reduction is a grassroots group providing important and much needed support in our community right now. <3

Memorable Likely Moment:
I just started making memories here so... Watch this space! However, in my experience as a customer, I've treasured coming to Likely on my birthday and treating myself to an Alicia Nauta screenprint or an OLO perfume. I feel like all the goods in this space are curated so thoughtfully and I'm often astonished by the specialness of the objects + art in here.