• Pollinator Man

Ashoke Mohanraj

Pollinator Man


By Ashoke Mohanraj, Minha Aamir (Illustrator)

Pollinators are in danger and they need our help!

Pollinator Man is a crime-fighting superhero looking for a team of Pollinator Protectors to help him stop the forces of evil trying to destroy our environment!

The story of Pollinator Man teaches kids the importance of protecting our pollinators and encourages them to get outside to complete a series of interactive and engaging side missions that are designed to support pollinator conservation.


Aside from promoting the protection of pollinators, the reason I created Pollinator Man was to inspire young boys to become more engaged and in tune with nature. Early in my career, I was often picked on because sometimes being passionate about the environment or participating in eco-friendly activities wasn't perceived as "masculine". I want to make sure no child ever feels deterred from pursuing their passion because of what other people say or think.

Pollinator Man was created as a symbol to show that "caring is cool", because what's cooler than a crime-fighting superhero who also protects the environment?

So let's get outside, chase the butterflies, and have fun doing it!


Hardcover Children's Book (Ages 3-8), 32 Pages