• Ratchat! Issue 01. Fall 2021


Ratchat! Issue 01. Fall 2021


After more than a year of isolation from our families or with them, appreciation of intimacy has seldom been so widely felt. It’s a perfect public mood for the launch of Rat Chat Magazine, Nora Rosenthal’s eclectic and provocative lifestyle magazine.

“This issue of Rat Chat contests the idea that people with families are no longer entitled to embrace a broad spectrum of sexuality, or that discussion of any one aspect of life must exist siloed from others.”

“What does it mean to be a single mother who deeply values her sex life?” editor-in-chief Rosenthal says. “Or a straight woman in her 50s who finds love with a queer woman? Or a married couple that falls in love with another married couple? Or a filmmaker whose Afro-diasporic family has rejected the sexual and familial hegemony of colonization for generations? All these and more are the love stories found within.”

A strongly image-driven publication, Rat Chat features photos and text from the likes of acclaimed celebrity portrait photographer Christopher Wahl (who’s captured images of everyone from the Queen to Werner Herzog), Juno-nominated comedian Nick Nemeroff, Afro-diasporic queer Canadian filmmaker Isa Benn, and many more.