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Lady Samantha

The Planets And Me


Written in August of 2020 and Published in Spring of 2022, this book is an expression of Toronto's own Lady Samantha's love of astrology and the joy and simplicity it can bring to children in understanding their emotions. She had so much fun creating this book, she can only hope it brings joy and inspiration to all those who read it.

The Sun is the centre of who we are. It is the "I am" in each one of us. The Moon nurtures us at night. It represents how we feel and how we care. Mercury is our voice and how we learn and Venus is our style of expression and how we love.

Through engaging rhymes and colourful descriptive illustrations, this exploratory book introduces the language of astrology in a lighthearted way that we can all relate to. Join a young girl as she claims the planets as a part of herself and describes how we are all connected to the patterns that exist above us.

By Lady Samantha 
Owner of The Rock Store
Illustrated by the fabulous Jan Dolby.

Hardcover Children's Book