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Puzzle Ownership Plate


Puzzle Ownership Plates are beautifully designed by Art & Fable Puzzle Company and feature the Golden Age of Illustration artwork of Walter Crane. They are useful to the puzzle collector, especially when they share their puzzles with family and friends. Bookplates are traditionally pasted into the front of a book. Our Walter Crane Puzzle Plate is conveniently a sticker, and is placed on the inside of the box top. This is a new concept, created by Art & Fable in June of 2019.
Made in United States of America

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All Art & Fable merchandise is made from recycled paper content. The puzzle, box and insert are all fully recyclable. We purposely selected a box size for manufacture that has a reduced carbon footprint compared to standard puzzle boxes.​  We also provide a resealable bag in every box so you can keep your puzzle for years to come and re-experience the joy!​