Sunday Tarot Readings


Sunday Tarot Readings with Aerin have been paused due to Covid-19.

Tarot can provide one with greater clarity, a better understanding of self and self-action, and answers to big changes and decisions within your life. Tarot is not a fortune telling device but rather an opportunity to guide and focus in on what matters.  Come to tarot with an open heart and mind and you will receive beautiful gifts of discovery and focus.  

Weekly Sunday Tarot with Aerin Fogel ~ Every Sunday from 1-5pm ~ $35, 20mins

Aerin lives in Toronto, practicing astrology, tarot, karmic pattern readings, and hands-on healing. She has nearly a decade of experience working professionally in the healing arts, and it is her great joy to share intimate space with others and provide support on their journeys. In addition to her esoteric work, Aerin is the founder and artistic director of Venus Fest, a music festival and monthly series celebrating women and non-binary artists. She also plays in her band Queen Of Swords, and loves being in many intricate Toronto communities.