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TAROT: Liz Worth is our resident Tarot reader. She is highly skilled with over 10 years experience as a reader and astrologer. Liz is available for bookings in the shop every Sunday from 1- 5pm. Readings are 20 minutes for $35.


What can you get out of a tarot reading? A clearer understanding about your path and purpose; A better understanding of the options and opportunities that are available to you; Clarity about how to move forward during confusing or uncertain times; Answers about where any big changes or major decisions will take you; An overview of what’s to come, and how you can overcome any challenges that are up ahead.

Why should you get a tarot reading?

Because you’re ready to take control over your own life; Because you’re feeling uncertain or stuck and are looking for clarity about how to move forward; Because you’re making some big changes and have some questions about where they’ll take you; or Because you need some clarity to work through a block or obstacle that’s keeping you from where you want to be.

When you get a reading, you’re accessing information from a higher place. That’s why this process requires an open heart and a willingness to dive in. No matter what, the goal is for you to leave your session feeling clear and inspired about who you are and where you’re headed. For more details regarding Liz' service and experience, visit


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 Please note that Ritual Plant Bath services are closed for the Summer. Agnieszka will return in September. 

RITUAL PLANT BATHS: Agnieszka Forfa is a trauma therapist whose teachings come from Western herbalism, Slavic ancestral knowledge as well as spiritual healers from Rootwork and Dagara traditions. Appointments are every Monday for 45 minutes beginning on the hour (please only book at 4pm, 5pm, or 6pm and disregard the 20 minute division). Each appointment is sliding scale $30-$50 with profits donated. (See below for more information)


Agnieszka Forfa is a trauma therapist, disability justice advocate, artist, plant flirt, land and body-based scholar and queer femme living as a settler on Mississaugas of New Credit, Haudenosaunee and Huron-Wendat land. Her teachings come from Western herbalism, Slavic ancestral knowledge as well as spiritual healers from Rootwork and Dagara traditions. She acknowledges that while ritual plant bathing has its roots in multiple cultural and spiritual traditions, some of her teachings are from lineages that are not her own. In turn, all proceeds from the sessions will be donated to BIPOC-led healing justice initiatives.

Ritual plant baths are an excellent self-care practice. Especially if you are feeling run down, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, or in stress, they are a simple and effective way to clear energies, emotions, thought forms and spiritual stimuli. Spiritual plant bathing has been utilized for thousands of years in many different cultural practices, with the understanding that the energy of water allows us to let go of what does not serve us; and the more that we come into line with water energy the more we can feel nourished and connected. When we clear old emotions and energies, we can bring forward new momentum in our lives, lessen fatigue and feel more vital energy. Water is itself a powerful carrier of intent; the added element of flowers, plants, minerals and herbs, which possess a spirit of their own, increase the power and capabilities of a bath. After your session with Agnieszka you will walk away with a personalized prescription and directions for a ritual plant bath catered specifically to your needs, based on our conversation and Agnieszka’s intuitive guidance. (FYI: no bath tub necessary)

All proceeds going to Mashkiki Collective, a knowledge revitalization project for Womxn, Two-Spirit, Trans, Queer, LGBIAP+, Genderqueer, Bigender, and Agender community members who identify as Anishinaabe (Anishinaabe, Ojibwe, Chippewa, Saulteaux, Oji-Cree, Odawa, Potawatomi, Algonquin) and/or Métis to reclaim our traditional roles as community healers in working with our plant medicines and land-based healing practices.