• "Blood" Amphibole Quartz | Gold Hoop Earrings

WILYMI Jewelry Co.

"Blood" Amphibole Quartz | Gold Hoop Earrings

"Blood" Amphibole Gemstone | Crystal Points | Lightweight | Hypoallergenic

Amphibole Quartz | a rare gemstone only found in Brazil. Also called “Angel Phantom Quartz” because of the images that appear from the amalgamation of various minerals in every unique stone.

What do you see when you look at the world? At yourself? It’s all about perspective + the filter through which we absorb all that is around us.

Intention: May you see yourself through eyes of kindness and appreciation. ✨

***Please note that the size | tint of every pair of stones is completely unique + special.

Handmade in Toronto by WILYMI Jewelry Co.