• Baby J beaded hoop earrings


Baby J beaded hoop earrings


Matte black and matte rose punctuated with mustard and chalk white. Inspired by the Southwest and of course sweet Baby J.

All pieces are joyfully handwoven using the finest quality Japanese glass seed beads on hand hammered 14k gold hoops. 

Approx 1.5 inches across 

"I started beading as a teenager, reclaiming a part of my Haudenosaunee culture that I was estranged from at the time. I’m at my happiest with the feeling of the beads in my hands, immersed in colour and texture with infinite possibilities before me. Inspiration is everywhere, and I have great admiration and respect for all of the bead weavers and artists, past and present. I'm grateful for the ability to connect and share culture through this global art form. Miiken handcrafted is based in Ontario, but we're portable! I often work from the road in our camper van (with my pups Miiken and Poe and my husband/bestie Paul) I find that everything seems even more vivid and inspiring when I'm traveling: the textiles, landscapes, art and culture. Many pieces are named for the places where they were created. I've been taught that beading is medicine and each piece will carry the energy it was created with. With this in mind, I aim to weave good energy into each item, while creating sustainably made, lasting pieces that you will bring you joy for years to come.