• Body Bliss: The Journey To Body Acceptance
  • Body Bliss: The Journey To Body Acceptance

LeadHer Publishing

Body Bliss: The Journey To Body Acceptance


The internal programming on how women judge their bodies starts early and runs deep. From a young age, girls are told directly or indirectly how they should look and what is considered to be the "ideal" standard of beauty. Some of us are lucky enough to escape the messaging relatively unscathed, but most of us grow up as women who feel- or who are told they are - less than. As a result, we carry a considerable amount of body image baggage that wasn’t even ours to begin with.

BODY BLISS is an uncensored, vulnerable, and honest recounting of the stories of 15 women on their journey to body acceptance in a world in which it’s nearly impossible to turn down the body noise - no matter your culture, family dynamic, upbringing, or experiences. We all hear the noise, but the more we talk about it, our shared voices will begin to drown it out and welcome in... BODY BLISS.

This book was created in partnership with Courtney St Croix / LeadHer Publishing and Andrea Mondoux / Balance + Bliss. Each author in this anthology has shared their story with honest vulnerability and from their own unique perspective. LeadHer Publishing is passionate about helping identifying women share their voices through the written medium. To find out more about LeadHer Publishing, visit leadherpublishing.com. To find out more about Balance + Bliss, visit balancebliss.blog.

The author team includes: Andrea Mondoux, Alicia Thurston, Amanda Case, Amie Mariana Sider, Angela Phillips, Brittany Schmidt, Erin Ella Zarzeczny, Fran R Garton, Jennifer Heard, Jillian Grant, Joanna Menezes, Lyn Housser, Nicole Jackson, Niomi Mendler, Sarah Connors, and Vicky Jomaa.