• Botanical Body Spritz
  • Botanical Body Spritz
  • Botanical Body Spritz
  • Botanical Body Spritz
  • Botanical Body Spritz
  • Botanical Body Spritz

Under Aurora

Botanical Body Spritz


100% natural, plant botanical body spritz. Handcrafted using a unique blend of essential oils, absolutes and plant extracts.

1 - The Poet
The light, airy, sweetness of jasmine mingles with a pop of pink grapefruit in this fresh poetic blend.
Major notes: sambac jasmine, pink grapefruit

2 - The Artist
A bright, citrusy top note of bergamot is followed by a rich & intoxicating dry down of sandalwood and cedar.
Major notes: australian sandalwood, himalayan cedar, bergamot

3 - Ethereal
Sweet floral notes of neroli and clementine combine with a rich, vanilla-y base of tonka bean.
Major notes: neroli, clementine, tonka bean

4 - The Rebel
A fresh & fiery blend that juxtaposes the sweetness of blood orange with the spiciness of cardamom and amyris.
Major notes: cardamom, amyris, and blood orange

5 - Palo Santo
An earthy & woodsy blend of spruce and palo santo embedded in a deep base of patchouli.
Major notes: black spruce, palo santo, patchouli

6 - Jasmine
The sweetness of jasmine is combined with the rich woodsiness of sandalwood and cedarwood.
Major notes: sambac jasmine, australian sandalwood, himalayan cedar

7 - Minor Arcana
The smoky scent of vetiver is blended with the herbaceousness of rosemary within a deep, rich base of patchouli.
Major notes: vetiver, patchouli, rosemary

Ingredients: SD40 alcohol, kosher vegetable glycerin, caprylyl capryl glucoside. essential oils