• Poor Kid Trauma: What happens when the poor die

Margeaux Feldman

Poor Kid Trauma: What happens when the poor die


“Poor Kid Trauma #3: What Happens When the Poor Die” includes four essays. “Slow Death” is about the ways in which capitalism sets up the poor and disabled for lives of struggle. “The Ash Keeper” tells the story of what happened when the urn I purchased for my father’s ashes was too small; “How to Plan a Funeral When You’re Poor,” an essay in fragments, details all of the challenges I encountered when attempting to plan a funeral service for my father; and “Forest Fires” is the eulogy I wrote for myself and the grief of losing a parent who never gave you the love and care you deserved.

Product Details:

  • 37 pages long

  • Riso printed in colour

  • 5x8 inches

About the author:

Margeaux (they/them) is a writer, educator, and community builder who believes that we can heal ourselves & our world through the soft magic of collaboration, accountability, mutual care, curiosity, compassion, and community.