• White Twisted Chime Candles

Trollkatt & Häxan

White Twisted Chime Candles


Pure White Twisted Chime Candles

How do we get white wax without bleach? We work with a small beekeeping company that supplies us with all of our raw wax. The take care of the processing of the white wax, a specialty material There aren't any chemicals or bleach added to the wax - they start out with wax cappings from honey supers only, which is pretty light already, and then use filters and diatomaceous earth to remove all the rest of the impurities until we reach the pure white color. This is also reflected in the slight increase in price compared to our natural yellow and gold color base candles.

We recommend these candles for brands who want to avoid the more folk art appearance and imperfections of our other candles, but still want ethically sourced beeswax.

4" tall.