• Corpus Ritual Tinctures (Various)
  • Corpus Ritual Tinctures (Various)
  • Corpus Ritual Tinctures (Various)
  • Corpus Ritual Tinctures (Various)
  • Corpus Ritual Tinctures (Various)
  • Corpus Ritual Tinctures (Various)
  • Corpus Ritual Tinctures (Various)
  • Corpus Ritual Tinctures (Various)
  • Corpus Ritual Tinctures (Various)
  • Corpus Ritual Tinctures (Various)
  • Corpus Ritual Tinctures (Various)

Corpus Ritual

Corpus Ritual Tinctures (Various)


Corpus Ritual is a collection of 1 oz tinctures from Jennifer Paterson. Jennifer is a queer herbalist, writer, breathwork and trauma and grief worker. Jennifer's practice supports people of all genders who are looking to address trauma, grief, loss, depression, anxiety, substance use & misuse, c-PTSD and PTSD and more. And anyone who is looking to invite in more clarity, purpose, intentionality, joy, connection to themselves and/or spirit, and ease into their lives.


All herbs are either locally and ethically hand-collected or come from an organic herb company or farm.

(not for use during pregnancy. herbs are safe but please do research to make sure they are safe for you and your body and needs.)

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA. 


Give Less Shits / it’s soothing. It’s nourishing (thanks oat tops!). It’s restorative. It’s floral and sweet and strong. Packed with the adaptogen schisandra , this blend will help level out the nervous system on those days where you just need to put on your badass cloak so you can get back to the business of being your bright self in the world. It takes care of those fried nerves and edges and the rose supports your work in giving a little love back to yourself.

Ingredients: rose, lavender, oat tops, schizandra, organic raw honey and brandy. 


Panic Bloom / a blend to hold us in those panic places as we shapeshift through them. It's a blend to honor what blooms out of the panic, it's nourishing and it's a blend to counter the "attack" like of those 20 second stabilizing hugs for the heart that I'm always reading about and helps clear up the fuzzy brain that can be induced when triggered. 

It's for when we feel the anxiety brewing in our bellies or chests or for when we catch it right before or as it turns into complete panic. 

Ingredients: hawthorn, motherwort, oat tops, rhodiola, organic raw honey, and brandy. 


Yikes Cramps / This formula is for anyone who menstruates. It’s meant to ease pain including headaches and reduce cramping and bloating while helping to support overall regulation of your menstrual cycle. There’s even a little anxiety and overall PMS support.

It’s best utilized by taking it daily for a handful of days before your period to help with PMS and cycle regulation and then, as your cycle begins, if you start to experience pain, you can take it every few hours for the first few days.

Ingredients: cramp bark, white willow bark, motherwort, wild lettuce, mugwort, cinnamon chip, & vodka


Get Some ZZZs / The title pretty much explains it. A blend for the nights of insomnia, for racing thoughts, for stress and strain in the times you would rather be sleeping, Get Some Zzzs is a really powerful nightcap.

Ingredients: chamomile, valerian, passionflower, california poppy, & vodka


Fucking Hell / When the depression::grief::rage cocktail hits, we can feel like we are moving through mud with very little to help brighten the path. This formula isn’t meant to erase the hard stuff we’re navigating but rather, help us stay afloat, help us find our way, lift some of the heaviness so that we can hold steady. The way through is to feel it all and feel it we will do— but with a little help from our plant friends.

Ingredients: wood betony, mimosa, st. john’s wort, cinnamon chip, energetic essences of moss and datura, vodka

*Contraindications: There are a number of contraindications for use of St. John's Wort and a solid list is here. Please review before considering. Not for use for people taking SSRIs and if you are taking estrogen or HRT, if your levels are "balanced" it can shift the levels a bit.


Trauma Heart Heal / This elixir is so power(full) for healing from the times that bend and break us. It supports the process of loss and grief while allowing us to open into love: love for ourselves and our communities. Perfect for honoring and holding all the heartbreaks. 

It's also lovely for the busy busy busy of those of us hustling in cities and through our lives. Cooling and calming, it allows us to center, reset and stay open in the world even when it feels increasingly hard to do so and keeps anxiety and stressful feelings at bay.

Ingredients: rose, hawthorn, motherwort, carnelian and rose quartz crystal essences, organic raw honey and brandy.


Build Back Up / If your adrenals and nervous system are crashed out, and you’re running on fumes, and the depression and anxiety keep nipping at your heels, this blend is for you. It’s for you if you just. can’t. handle. one. more. thing. A powerful daily blend for those of us who are just trying to stay afloat in a world of heartache and wildness and racing. A good choice for if you feel yourself on the brink of a crash or are just coming out of it and also so great to start using if you know you will be coming up on a busy or draining time in your life. A mild and accumulative blend, it helps you build back up in a sustainable and supported way so that you can maintain it. Like all herbs, “it” doesn’t “fix” you but rather supports your body in building up a more grounded way.

Ingredients: wood betony, oat tops, rose, tulsi, & vodka

Clear Head / Clear Head Elixir is great grounding blend for the headache-y, foggy headed days where you feel a little overstimulated and a little unfocused. Perfect to use when you need a little brain food before anything where you need to feel alert and rooted in clarity of thought.

Ingredients: tulsi, brahmi, sage, rhodiola, brandy and raw organic honey


Tooth Party / This friend is for your teeth— a delicious formula to help cleanse your mouth, enliven your gums & reduce inflammation, freshen breath, and even bring a little comfort to your mouth when navigating tooth or gum pain. You can use before or after brushing your teeth or just whenever you want during the day!

Cooling, antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral, Tooth Party is packed with plants and nothing else. Most commercial mouthwashes are full of things you can barely pronounce so rest easy with this healing and cleansing mouthwash.

To use: Put about two full droppers in a small cup with one inch of room temperature water. Swish around for 30 seconds to 1 minute and spit when done. Not meant to be swallowed.

Available in 2oz. only.

Ingredients: spilanthes, chamomile, calendula, garden sage, vodka, and organic peppermint essential oil



Move + Protect / This is a limited, seasonal formula. A gentle and enlivening formula for addressing stagnation, for keeping the lymph moving, the heart pumping, the lungs clear, and the digestive juices flowing during times of stuckness, overwhelm, and feeling “backed up” physically, emotionally and energetically. Two of these four plants are also adorned with thorns and in this formula are to support keeping the systems open, flowing, and simultaneously protected.

A beautiful support for times of brittleness in times of loss, change, and/or the anger and frustration that can often underpin deep grief:

+ocotillo is toning to the lymph system and supports increasing the flow and drainage of lymph fluid in order to help clear out what is unnecessary waste in the body. They help increase movement in the respiratory system, pelvic region, and liver. A digestive support, ocotillo helps with the assimilation of fats and production of bile to help movement. Ocotillo is also powerful medicine for a broken heart

+hawthorn offering balance for high blood pressure and cholesterol as well as offering emotional and energetic soothing and protection in times of heartache. An antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties, hawthorn offers deep sustenance for the racing heart feeling we can encounter when in times of anxiety and depression due to loss or change.

+evening primrose for soothing an irritated, inflamed stomach lining leading to stomach aches, an over-responsive and agitated nervous system, and energetically for staying with our heart open and receptive— a light in the dark. Also notable for supporting the soothing the lungs as an antispasmodic which is fitting as many traditions and modes of being with the body note that grief can frequently be “stuck” in the lungs.

+peach leaf to cool the swirl of nausea, anxiety, anger, and rage, the overheating when hot energy is stuck, the times when tension overwhelms leaving your with clenched fists or sharpness towards others, the brittleness that can show up in the face of loss, the “why why why” we can find ourselves in when facing deep grief

This is a formula for getting it allllll moving, up, and out. And of course, I’m separating out various properties to share this formulas usefulness but please know plants are incredibly dynamic and each one in this formula was chosen because of their ability to work with all of these systems at once.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: If you are on pharmaceuticals for your heart, please check with your primary care provider first.

Ingredients: ocotillo*, peach leaf, hawthorn leaf + berry, evening primrose, & vodka

**Ocotillo used is ethically grown and gathered in small amounts by Feral Gardens in so-called New Mexico. This remedy will be crafted and offered 1-2x a year, depending on the availability of ocotillo. This incredible plant, like all plants, is precious and is an integral part of the environments they grow in (namely the so-called southwest.) As part of the whole in this formula, my intention is to respecfully share this medicine in a small dose.