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Faun is a community and world-building project with its feet in two realms: the virtual, as an online publication and forum; and the physical, as a series of publications, objects, and events. Faun deploys writing, discussion, debate, and new media as ways to open up our discourse into new realms and directions.

We play in futures: past, present, and yet to come; in dreams: lucid and otherwise; in pragmatic radicalisms: feasts, and festivals. These are the tools of a world-builder! Through a discourse steeped in the kaleidoscopic language of the village square, or the online forum, we aim to de-petrify the timeline of our cultural-political imaginary and reinstate the future as manifold possibility.


The Carnivalesque is an under-explored and fruitful avenue for politically motivated world-building. While capitalist realism cancels the future, the carnivalesque will de-petrify it by relativizing the givens of the present. In celebrating alterity, the carnivalesque will remind us that other worlds are possible and will offer pathways for destabilizing established and normalized hierarchies and systems of truth. Faun#1 galvanizes the carnivalesque to help us manifest alternative imaginaries, to dance the dances of other times, reap the joy of other places, and gaze fearlessly towards a self-built future. Our exploration of carnivalesque forms allows us to conduct the procreative humour of the carnivalesque tradition as a process of world-building. By engaging the regenerative, carnivalesque politics of pleasure, Faun#1 begins to provoke a decomposition of the totalizing facades in late modernist ideology and fertilizes the proliferation of adjacent and overlapping worlds.

Introduction: the Carnivalesque
Faun Manifesto
Curbstomp by Ollie Patterson
Experience the Carnivalesque (It's Burning My Love) by Anthony Hablak
A Message from Fungal Friends
Representation, Dissolution, and the Aesthetic Commodity
Misinterpreting the Universal Language by Moonolog
Urbanity as Hole Complex
Afterbirth by Alex Brown
Ask the Ocean by Anne Bourne

91 pg
18.5 x 12.5 cm
Risograph printed interior on 90gsm Kasaka schetspapier
Digitally printed cover on hairy paper
150 copies available