• How Do I Look?


How Do I Look?


Through a series of short vignettes, Sennah Yee’s debut full-length book How Do I Look? paints a colourful portrait of a woman both raised and repelled by the media. With pithy, razor-sharp prose, Sennah dissects and reassembles pop culture through personal anecdotes, crafting a love-hate letter to the media and the microaggressions that have shaped how she sees herself and the world. How Do I Look? is a raw and vulnerable reflection on identities real and imagined.


Sennah Yee is from Toronto, where she writes poetry, prose, and film criticism. She is the author of two chapbooks, THE AQUARIUM and THE GL.A.DE (Dancing Girl Press), and the children’s book MY DAY WITH GONG GONG (Annick Press). Her Cinema & Media Studies MA thesis focused on gendered robot design in popular media.