• Inuit Art Quarterly | Special Collectors' Issue

Inuit Art Quarterly

Inuit Art Quarterly | Special Collectors' Issue


Special Collectors' Issue Welcome To Qaumajuq




    Looking Forward, Together

    The Future of Inuit Art Curating 


    Opening Qaumajuq

    Inuit Art in Treaty 1


    70 Years Of Inuit Art

    Building the World's First Largest Collection

    About Inuit Art Quarterly:

    As the only national organization dedicated to supporting Inuit artists working in all media and geographic areas, the Inuit Art Foundation has sought to empower and support Inuit artists’ self-expression and self determination, while increasing the public's access to and awareness of artists’ work for more than 31 years.

    For over three decades, the IAF's flagship program has been the award-winning Inuit Art Quarterly (IAQ). Focused on the arts and artists of Inuit Nunangat, the IAQ is the only publication dedicated to the advancement and appreciation of Inuit and circumpolar Indigenous arts and is widely considered one of the most significant voices for Indigenous art in the world. The IAQ’s reach includes the print publication, the IAQ Online and the IAQ Profiles.