• Inuit Art Quarterly | Unikkaat/Unikkaaqtuat | Bridging Time
  • Inuit Art Quarterly | Unikkaat/Unikkaaqtuat | Bridging Time

Inuit Art Quarterly

Inuit Art Quarterly | Unikkaat/Unikkaaqtuat | Bridging Time


The Unikkaat/Unikkaaqtuat Issue


  • From sleds to Ski-Doos, Inuit ingenuity and innovation through art

  • First Inuk soprano Deantha Edmunds’ unique merging of Inuttitut and opera  

  • Them Days editor Aimee Chaulk on the special story, and people, behind the historical Labradorian magazine

  • Chantal Jung’s one-of-a-kind artist project honouring 3 generations of Inuit women

  • Digging into the little-known films and life of Mosha Michael, and more!



In the Moment: The Transformation of Transportation in Inuit Art by Gayle Uyagaqi Kabloona

Temporal Loop by Sue Carter


Shuvinai Ashoona by Heather Von Steinhagen

Myra Kukiiyaut by Tarralik Duffy


Nurrahaq by Kaitlyn Purcell


Back in Them Days by Aimee Chaulk


Mosha Michael by Mark David Turner


Flower Blossoms by Chantal Jung
Henry Napartuk


About Inuit Art Quarterly:

As the only national organization dedicated to supporting Inuit artists working in all media and geographic areas, the Inuit Art Foundation has sought to empower and support Inuit artists’ self-expression and self determination, while increasing the public's access to and awareness of artists’ work for more than 31 years.

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