• Issue 1:1 - Beginnings & Endings

Homesick Zine

Issue 1:1 - Beginnings & Endings


Our first issue is officially here! Includes photos, poems, and short stories from emerging artists worldwide.


HOMESICK is a literary annual for artists, writers, and humans from all walks of life. Founded by writer and artist, Shay Khan, in Toronto, Canada, HOMESICK serves as a platform for undiscovered voices. Shay believes that there are so many individuals within our communities that can grab a substantial foothold in the creative community (locally and even globally) if given a chance. HOMESICK is structured in a way that it would not exist without struggling artists and writers. Being undiscovered, unseen, or unheard of is no longer a disadvantage. It is what will give us all a voice.


94 pages.