• Lvnea Eau De Parfum
  • Lvnea Eau De Parfum
  • Lvnea Eau De Parfum
  • Lvnea Eau De Parfum


Lvnea Eau De Parfum


Presented in a 30 ml black glass bottle with a spray top or 8 ml clear glass bottle with spray top.

Ingredients: pure alcohol, botanical extracts, and an essential oil blend


Featured notes: pink pepper  · yuzu · carnation · rose · honeysuckle · clove · vanilla 

Aspects: a beguiling spiced floral with a bright clove pink opening and a musky, almost powdered dry-down


Holy Oak:

Featured notes: galbanum · blood cedar · pine resin · frankincense · rose · oakwood · oakmoss

Aspects: woody, well-rounded, familiar, contrasting cool & damp notes and warm & undertones, a hint gourmand


Rose Fantome:

Featured Notes: porcelain roses · fallen leaves · moss · cèpes · immortelle · hay

Aspects: earthy, agrestic, sophisticated floral.


La Serpentine:

Featured Notes: peach · ginger lily · osmanthus · patchouli · sandalwood · labdanum · oakmoss

Aspects: dark, jammy, leathery, animalic, rich and honeyed