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Maggie is a Toronto-based, womxn-led publication sharing feminist arts and lit. Our goal is to create a community where people can engage in complex and curious discussions about how feminist issues impact everyone, uniquely yet unequivocally.

Issue 02: Evolving

As young people finding our place in the world, we are constantly evolving: as we learn, make mistakes, and continually re-evaluate what we want our impact to be at home and in our communities. This issue is an exploration of evolution in many different forms.


Amy Newnham, Jane Bradshaw, Manjulika Emily Robertson, Cassandra Littlewood, Furqan Mohamed, Nika Elmi, Jessie McGee, Anna Lin, Alison Postma, Magida El-Kassis, Aida Noorbakhsh, Chelsea Bellrose, Erin Cutler, Alana Macdonald, Avery McNair, Jennifer Fryer, Zoe Zimmerman, Cameron MacIntyre, Paige Thompson, Lucie Quinlan, Gill Thorne, Vicky Zhang, Brianna Roye, Celeste Smith, Chantal Maguire, Thaya Williams, Jane Thompson.