• Moon Okama Star Rose Necklace

Santa Isla

Moon Okama Star Rose Necklace


The Embera believe that women bear the weight of the world on their shoulders. Each piece, called Okamas, are made to adorn life’s path towards harmony & nature. This piece took 65 hours to make, by hand.

Navy Blue · Baby Blue · Petroleum Blue · Red · Transparent · Sterling silver clasp 

by Santa Isla in partnership with the Embera Chami of Colombia

When you wear Santa Isla you help the Embera culture to breathe and expand. We work with a small group of Embera artisans, providing them a source of income and an opportunity to showcase their art to the world. Chami meaning "mountain" and Embera meaning "people," they are an indigenous ethnic group who practice the important aspect of the power of the spirits which they trust to regulate life, health, livelihood and nature.
-Santa Isla