• Perfume Oil For Strange Women
  • Perfume Oil For Strange Women
  • Perfume Oil For Strange Women
  • Perfume Oil For Strange Women
  • Perfume Oil For Strange Women

For Strange Women

Perfume Oil For Strange Women


Made with essential oils and plant extracts combined in a nourishing base of organic jojoba oil and coconut oil. To wear, apply directly to wrists and then rub them onto other pulse points. 

Astral Projection is a nighttime perfume that opens with a sweet overtone of Verveine and Bergamot in a sleepy bed of Chamomile, Rose, and Lavender. Valerian anchors the blend to a deep undercurrent that pulls you further into your dreams. The sedative effects of these botanicals are combined with the lucid clarity induced by Clary Sage, Cedar, and Star Anise.

Black Forest is an aromatic tribute to the winter solstice, this deep evergreen blend is easy to get lost in. Four varieties of Fir trees are anchored with aromatic woods and a dark blanket of Oakmoss. Hints of Cardamom, Nutmeg, and Pine Pitch allude to the unsettling characters residing in the mountains of this legendary forest.

Coyote evolves from a bright citrus opening of mandarin leaf and orange to a spicy heart of bay leaf, cinnamon, and palo santo. A dark wood-smoke note emerges among cedars and oaks as the prairie meets the edge of the woodlands. This is a classic masculine blend that can be worn by anyone, but especially the wild at heart.

Crushed Violets emulates a soft carpet of fragrant violets sprouting across a shaded path in early spring. The dark green leaves fill the heart of the blend while the tiny petals release a dry, ethereal sweetness. This velvety ground cover is supported with a comforting base of Sandalwood.

• 5mL bottle 
• Includes a descriptive art card and gift box. 

Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures
Alcohol, phthalate, paraben, synthetic, and cruelty free. Vegan.