• Pink Moonstone & Peach Fresh Water Pearl Armour
  • Pink Moonstone & Peach Fresh Water Pearl Armour

Ashera Armour

Pink Moonstone & Peach Fresh Water Pearl Armour



Ashera Armour are wearable Crystal Armour, made of earth elements of crystals, minerals and metals. Designed as one of a kind Adornment and Wellness accessories, each Crystal Armour is made to expand and elevate the human, tactile and energetic experiences of this world with beauty. 

Ashera Armour was created by designer and founder Ilana Divantman, whose interdisciplinary creative work spans a trajectory of painting, performance art, theatre and academic studies in Visual Arts from Queens University and in-progress (presently on leave) Masters of Environmental Studies at York University. Tracing through her work are questions on momentum of presence , reflexive (w)holistic practices and the expansiveness of lived experiences as possibilities for human expansion. Ashera Armour are products of the dynamic relationships of energy, air, fire, water, earth and metals, reflections of human relations and the vastness of human existence. 



It is recommended that when storing your Armour, place in an air tight Ziploc bag and polish before wearing. Some crystals are more fragile than others, and can get damaged by a drop. Please take great care to place or hang your Armour when not worn. 

When Ashera Armour pieces are ready, they are energized in the sun, cleared under the smoke of Sage or Palo Santo smoke, and are blessed to serve your needs and intentions. The Armour is then placed into the bag and sealed taking great care to insure that you are the first person to touch your Armour.

Wearing your Armour regularly or for long periods at a time may require you to clear and reenergize your crystals. This can be done by placing them in the sun or under a full moon and likewise under the smoke of Sage or Palo Santo or which ever cleansing herb suits you. Connect with your crystal once they cleared and set your intentions into them. They can be used during meditations as well. More than anything, listen to yourself when you feel they need cleansing.

Brass chains and accessories are raw brass and will oxidize against the skin after prolonged wear. They can be polished with regular jewellery cloth to regain their shine especially if worn for extended periods.