• Smutburger Editions Vol. 1


Smutburger Editions Vol. 1


Featuring the original stories:

The Sun by Christine Davis - A man schedules a hookup with an artist at her studio, but when he arrives, the space is cosmically beyond him

The Original Gentleman by Cason Sharpe - A male-presenting A.I. must prove his sex programming after having escaped from the lab that birthed him.

Ariana Reines as centrefold




Smutburger Editions is a collection of books each featuring two separate erotic texts, written by established artists and writers, as well as up-and-coming talent. Inbetween the two stories is a full colour centrefold. Provocative and innovative, this series of short works breaks new ground in contemporary erotica.

Smutburger began as a town-hall inspired speaking series exploring the multiplicious intersections between books and sex in Toronto in early 2020.