• The Tower Princess

Michelle Tocher

The Tower Princess


In The Tower Princess, storyteller Michelle Tocher plunges into the heart of fairy tales on a quest to reclaim the lost archetype of the true princess. In the mid-1990s when she was struggling with chronic pain, Michelle discovered a feminine wisdom in fairy tales that ignited her imagination and altered her relationship with suffering. In this wise, humorous, and poignant memoir, the author seamlessly amalgamates her life and fairy tales, and shows us what we have lost by banishing the fairy world.

With exquisite illustrations by Richard Row.

“An uplifting, unconventional, and deeply imaginative remembrance.”
– Kirkus Reviews

About the Author

For over two decades, Michelle Tocher has been writing, telling stories, and speaking about the healing power of fairy tales. She is author of several celebrated books that demonstrate the practical and spiritual relevance of myth, including Brave Work: A Guide to the Hero’s Journey at Work, and How to Ride a Dragon: Women with Breast Cancer Tell Their Stories.

In addition to writing parables for our times such as the award-winning film “Soul Fish,” and the beloved illustrated book, “The Broad Mind,” Michelle conducts workshops that enable people to step into fairy tales and experience their transformative power.

She has served as an Artist in Residence for Gilda’s Club of Greater Toronto, and Casey House, a hospice and treatment center for people with HIV/AIDS. Michelle is passionate about creating common ground through myth-telling, and is constantly creating opportunities for people of all abilities to have meaningful artistic experiences.

Prior to 1995, she was President of Creative Premises Ltd., a communications company that served profit and not-for-profit organizations promoting health and social well-being. She has two Masters degrees, in history and journalism, and is a member of Storytelling Toronto, and Storytellers of Canada (Conteurs du Canada.)