• Venus Intention Candle


Venus Intention Candle


-Venus Intention Candle- 

This intention candle was created as a tribute to Venus, love, creativity, sensuality and connection. Perfect for use in meditation, prayer, ritual, and/or intention setting.

 Venus is primarily known as the Goddess of love and beauty, and using materials that are symbolic to her, each candle is hand made with  100% pure unscented beeswax and infused with rose quartz and rose petals. Once the candle is at its end, you can save the little piece of rose quartz near the bottom, as a keepsake. 

Measures approx. 8" tall and 2.3" diameter

10% of the proceeds from your purchase will go directly to FreeFrom, a new national organization that helps survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking to achieve economic justice and stability so that they can afford to build safe lives for themselves and their children. For more information, visit www.freefrom.org.

            "Vespers to the rising star in the East to the West"