• LVNEA Roll-On Fragrances


LVNEA Roll-On Fragrances


Handmade in Montreal


Comes in a beautiful black glass bottle with steel roller ball inside a matte black tube (10ml).

Ingredients: coconut oil, an essential oil blend, natural plant extracts.


L'ALCHIMIE -Allogamous, vermillion. Be the pulp, be the blood. Tremulous, Prodigal Son. Of dusk return, of Mythic flood.

Featured notes: rich amber, vanilla bean, a heart of precious florals, red mandarin peel, blood orange, rosemary absolute, and black peppercorn.

Aspects: floral, citrus, herbaceous, balsamic, sweet.


GHOST PINE - The captured scent of a foggy and damp forest on an overcast day. As the soft fog rolls around the tree trunks, it chills you to the bone and let’s you know, you are not alone.

Notes: crisp pine needles, crushed foliage, damp moss patches, and ancient woods.