• Lvnea Roll-on Fragrance - Various


Lvnea Roll-on Fragrance - Various


Handmade in Montreal


Comes in a beautiful black glass bottle with steel roller ball inside a matte black tube (10ml).

Ingredients: coconut oil, an essential oil blend, natural plant extracts.


L'ALCHIMIE -Allogamous, vermillion. Be the pulp, be the blood. Tremulous, Prodigal Son. Of dusk return, of Mythic flood.

Featured notes: rich amber, vanilla bean, a heart of precious florals, red mandarin peel, blood orange, rosemary absolute, and black peppercorn.

Aspects: floral, citrus, herbaceous, balsamic, sweet.


FERN AND MOSS - Pockmarked ochre aureole. Sits high above the greenery. The roots below, coarse and bedraggled. Tender sweet machinery.

Featured Notes: lavender flowers, crushed basil, sparkling pink grapefruit, and green herbs on a base of vetiver, oakmoss, and tonka bean.

Aspects: green, fresh, citrus, herbal.


GHOST PINE - The captured scent of a foggy and damp forest on an overcast day. As the soft fog rolls around the tree trunks, it chills you to the bone and let’s you know, you are not alone.

Notes: crisp pine needles, crushed foliage, damp moss patches, and ancient woods. 


BLACK SEA - The tides that pull, the salt that licks
Grow quiet when the surface black
Mirror of perfid' firmament
That it, like sea, demoniac

Notes: driftwood, roasted seashells, young coconut, botanical ambergris, bergamot, and salted lime.


PAPILLON DE NUIT - (butterfly of the night // moth) 

Determinism stitched in wings
That, t’wards beloved, soar through air
The cordial tug of the sweet thing
Sets fire to moth’s wing-spanned hair.

Notes: palo santo wood, ambrette seed, botanical white musk accord, white copal resin, sandalwood, white floral.


SAFFRON ROUGE - Designed to work with your natural pheromones and enhance attraction. According to Berber legend saffron perfume is said to have magical powers - the power to make people fall in love. 

Notes: saffron, red spikenard, sweet calamus, attar of roses, and white cinnamon.


MOURNING RITUAL - Black velvet, incense, wilted rose, resins. 

Notes: rare frankincense oman, Russian roses, opoponax resin absolute, cedarwood extract.


LUMEN NATURAE - Honey, lemon verbena, poplar buds, tomato leaf. 

Notes:  poplar buds, honey, amber, sunflower, lemon, tomato leaf, bergamot.