Justine's October Picks

Justine (she/her) has been with us the longest. An incredible glass artist who creates one of a kind talismans and has been shown internationally, Justine is a powerful compassionate force!

playlist to play in the shop:
Sasha Crush's playlists on NTS

Community Organization in Toronto you admire:
Native Arts Society, lead by Toronto Indigenous Harm Reduction is an organization I find really beautiful. They are an Indigenous 2S/Queer/Trans collective who opened a gallery space and studio in the city. This space highlights the works of Indigenous unhoused folks in our city and helps to advocate for fair pricing for their art.

Memorable Likely moment:
Having the privilege to showcase my stained glass work and short film I created, Emotional Armour in the Likely General Gallery space for the month of October in 2020. Which was also the month I conveniently started working in the shop! I had created a series of wearable stained glass pieces, half of which were in Iceland for a group exhibition that I couldn't attend, that Brooke kindly invited me to share in the shop. In the short window of time between lockdowns when we were open to the public I got to shyly sit back and watch folks come in and experience my work. Very memorable and very meaningful. 

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